light is everything and nature sustains the soul

It all started when…..

I became intrigued with photography in my early twenties some 35 years ago. These interests took me to Mount Desert Island Maine where my artistic and creative interests blossomed. The oil medium has been my primary medium for the past 20 years. Inspiration comes from the world of nature where I am attracted to light, color, pattern and movement within the landscape. The physical surface of the painting is of great interest to me as well, as I build a painting up with subtle texture. Paintings are executed in the studio setting where I work primarily from imagination sparked by a particular experience in nature. A painting evolves and transforms during the creative process, many times varying from my original vision. It is this process which gives energy, joy, and nourishment to my life and creative journey.

Please consider a studio visit to appreciate the nuances of my work. Information regarding the studio in Mount Desert, Maine may found the contact/studio tab.